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  • New Rochelle Government

    The New Rochelle GovernmentNew Rochelle government features a unique setup that makes it run very smoothly. It is, of course, a democratic model, but the government functions a little differently from that of most cities in the nation. It operates on a Council-Manager model of government. Here’s a bit of how it works.The city of New Rochelle has both an elected Mayor and an elected Manager ... Read More

  • New Rochelle The Home Town

    Why New Rochelle is The Home TownNew Rochelle, New York is often nicknamed “The Home Town.” This is because it really is a town full of homes. As one of the largest cities in New York state, you’d think that New Rochelle would be packed with apartment complexes, condos, and other types of shared housing. This is definitely not the case, though. In fact, New Rochelle has more single fam ... Read More

  • About New Rochelle

    Interesting Facts About New Rochelle, NYNew Rochelle information can be really interesting if you know which facts to pick out. This gorgeous area outside of New York City has lots of interesting things happening now and many interesting pieces of history have happened there, as well. New Rochelle is one of the few cities in the area to have a French name, and it’s because it was settled b ... Read More

  • History of New Rochelle

    History of New Rochelle, NYNew Rochelle, NY is one of the largest cities in New York, and it’s located just outside of the Big Apple. This unique area blends many cultures into one beautiful community that attracts tons of new residents each year. New Rochelle history starts way back in the 1600’s when it was founded by French Huguenots who were fleeing anti-Protestant pogroms in Catholi ... Read More

  • New Rochelle Community

    The Vibrant Community of New RochelleThe New Rochelle, New York community has recently been named by Money Magazine as one of the top one hundred places to live in the United States. This beautiful suburban area places residents just a half an hour from Grand Central Station in New York City. In the New Rochelle community, you can get all the diversity and cultural interest of New York combi ... Read More

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