New Rochelle Annual Events

You have to visit New Rochelle boat show.
Catch the Annual Events in New Rochelle

New Rochelle, NY is one of the largest cities in New York State, but many would say that it still has a small town feel. In fact, New Rochelle is known as The Home Town because of the amount of residential dwellings that are built there. The town certainly caters to families and individuals looking for a fun way to spend their time in the town they call home. The city plays host to several annual events each year, including a huge Easter egg hunt in the spring and a holiday boat show in the summer.

Each spring, hundreds of children in preschool to second grade gather in Davenport Park for a giant Easter egg hunt. It’s truly a gala event for the little ones, and families enjoy getting together for this annual spring event.

In the summer, the warmth takes lots of New Rochelle annual events outdoors. One of the most fun is the Lighted Boat Parade on the Fourth of July. The parade draws a big crowd as the boat owners in the area go all out to decorate their boats and impress visitors for the event.

Another annual summer event is the Summer Sounds Concert Series. The series starts early in the summer and continues meeting every Wednesday night as long as the weather is good. It takes place in Hudson Park, and it celebrates the diversity of New Rochelle in the form of music. During the series, you can enjoy music from all sorts of different cultures and countries, and many of the performances are done by actual New Rochelle residents.

Another of the fun events in New Rochelle takes place in the fall. This is the annual Clambake and BBQ. Residents all around the town get together to enjoy local seafood and barbecue and just have a good time at summer’s end.


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