New Rochelle Day Trips

Take in the scenery of the surrounding areas to New Rochelle, New York.
Day Trips in New York State

One of the great things about the East Coast is that everything is so squished together. In the South, Midwest, or West parts of the US, you’ve got to drive for hours to get a change of culture or a change of scenery. Not so with the eastern seaboard. Here, you can take a few minutes’ train ride and be somewhere that looks different, feels different, and has a totally different and unique culture.

That’s one of the great things about New York. Although New York State is relatively large compared with other eastern states, you can still get through the entire state in no time flat. This means that you can get about anywhere in New York and back within one day, which leaves open tons of possibilities for New York day trips.

If you’re visiting the Big Apple or one of the outlying areas, don’t miss out on all the other attractions of the state and surrounding areas! Instead, make sure you take advantage of all this state has to offer by taking at least a couple of day trips.

You can, for instance, take a day trip into the country of upstate New York. It’s full of rolling hills and beautiful, lush greenery. Visit a locally owned farm, or stay for a night at a campground or in a hospitable B&B. It’ll be a nice break from the rush of the city.

If you appreciate that city rush but want to have some time in the sun, too, you can always go to the Jersey Shore. There are tons of things happening along the Shore, and there’s never a dull moment. At the same time, there are plenty of beaches where you can just lay in the sand and work on your summertime tan.


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