Getting to New Rochelle

Getting to New Rochelle is easy from several airports.
Getting to New Rochelle, NY

For visitors and residents alike, getting to New Rochelle isn’t difficult at all. There are public transportation systems abounding in New York State, and you can use them to get to New Rochelle with ease. You can also drive there without much trouble, or fly into New York City and then take a train to New Rochelle. Here are a few different options for getting to this city.

The main road that runs through New Rochelle is Interstate 95. You can get anywhere in town using this main road, and it has four exits into the city along its length. Coming in on this road is simple. Just make sure you know which New Rochelle exit you need so that you can quickly get to where you’re going. Hutchison River Parkway is another good way to get into town, as it’s a main road that runs right through New Rochelle as well.

One of the best ways to get into New Rochelle if you’re flying into the area is to actually fly into the New York City airport. You’ll most likely fly into LaGuardia unless you have an international flight. Either way, though, you can get to New Rochelle from the NYC airports really easily.

New Rochelle has a train system that’s for commutes into the larger city. There are several stops in town, and you can hop on the train from one of the major New York airports. The trains are serviced by Metro North and Amtrak, so you can also take an Amtrak train into town from another area of New York or even from across the country, if you wish. The train is one of the cheapest ways to get into New Rochelle because you don’t have to worry about parking, which can be frustrating and expensive.


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