New Rochelle Golf & Tennis

Take to the tennis court in New Rochelle, New York.
Play Golf and Tennis in New Rochelle

If you’re a tennis player or golfer, New Rochelle is a great vacation or living spot for you. This town has lots of options for those who want to play tennis and golf. Some of the options are offered through the town, while others operate through private clubs and institutions.

New Rochelle golf boasts plenty of courses to try. The Pelham Country Club has its own golf course about two miles from the center of town, and there are also the Pelham Bay and Split Rock courses to consider. All of these golf options are close to town and offer a variety of tee times for visitors and residents alike.

In all, there are over ten golf courses within five miles of the center of New Rochelle. Some are private and others are municipal, but they all offer different experiences for the golf enthusiast to try. You can certainly keep yourself busy on the green on your New Rochelle vacation! Even residents have a hard time getting bored with all the courses that are available in the area!

New Rochelle tennis is also a popular pastime with the town’s residents. You can take tennis lessons through the Parks and Recreation department and enjoy a singles or doubles match on the public park’s courts. There are, of course, several tennis clubs in the area, as well.

The Cliff Street Racquet Club is one popular option for visitors and residents alike. The New Rochelle Racquet Club is also an option. In all, though, the city itself offers so many tennis options that you should be able to find something that suits you. The municipal tennis program starts offering lessons from the age of four, and it offers lessons for every level from beginners up.


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