New Rochelle Government

The city mayor helps keep New Rochelle, New York running smoothly.
The New Rochelle Government

New Rochelle government features a unique setup that makes it run very smoothly. It is, of course, a democratic model, but the government functions a little differently from that of most cities in the nation. It operates on a Council-Manager model of government. Here’s a bit of how it works.

The city of New Rochelle has both an elected Mayor and an elected Manager. Both of these figures are prominent in the government, but the real decision making is done at the level of the Council. The Council has six presiding members plus the Mayor. Since the early 1900’s, the city has been split into six districts, each of which has its own elected Council official.

Whenever a new law is in question or decisions need to be made about the city, the Council, the Mayor, and the Manager will get together to decide what needs to happen. The Manager is the person who really takes care of getting things done in the city. He or she gets to set in on meetings and have a say in them, but the Manager doesn’t have a final vote. It’s the Manager’s job to simply carry out whatever ordinances the Council decides to enact.

This form of government comes with plenty of inherent checks and balances, and it makes sure that all the areas of the city are equally represented. Since the needs of the downtown district will be different from the needs of suburban districts, the Council format works very well for the New Rochelle government. The city Manager takes care of making sure ordinances are carried out as well as working with the city’s annual budget and making sure that things happen financially as they should. In all the government runs very smoothly, especially for such a large city.


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