New Rochelle Jobs/Employment

Find your new career in New Rochelle, New York.
Typical Jobs in New Rochelle

When you live in a city the size of New Rochelle, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a job! Besides that, this residential town is located just half an hour from Grand Central Station in New York City. There are many jobs to be had in New Rochelle, with some industries being more favored than others.

Right now, many New Rochelle jobs that are available are in the healthcare and education industries. With two college campuses downtown, the city always has openings for teachers of one sort or another. Of course, the retirement homes and hospitals are always looking for great nurses and doctors to provide care, as well.

Many of the jobs in New Rochelle are white collar office jobs. Lots of people work for businesses, and many of the residents of the town are self employed or own their own small businesses. It’s a great place for a successful self-employed person to live so that they can enjoy the atmosphere of the town while making their own living.

Some of the residents of New Rochelle travel into New York City to work as attorneys, investment bankers, and other business people there. Because of the size of New York, jobs are relatively easy to come by. Many people, though, prefer to call New Rochelle their home town because of its beauty and family atmosphere.

Some of the jobs that are available in New Rochelle are in the service industries. While the town has a high average income, the median income is about $40,000, the national average. Many who work in the service industries live in some of the more affordable neighborhoods in New Rochelle and work right in town in many different types of jobs. Looking for specific New Rochelle employment will give you an idea of what’s available in town.


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