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Supporting Local Businesses in New Rochelle

One of the best ways to get involved in the New Rochelle Community is to support the area’s local businesses. There are lots of local businesses in New Rochelle, owned by people who have lived in the town for generations or some who have only been there for a little while. Many of the businesses fall into the Business Improvement District in the downtown area. What sorts of local businesses can you find in the BID?

Some of the best downtown businesses are locally owned restaurants and pubs frequented by New Rochelle residents and visitors alike. The cultural diversity of this city means that there are restaurants from every ethnicity imaginable in the downtown area. You can get food from tons of different countries without ever leaving the New Rochelle Business Improvement District! There are Greek, Asian, Indian, Mexican, American, German, and French restaurants galore. The downtown area is really a food lover’s heaven!

Of course, there are also lots of places to shop downtown. You can get some of the most unique items at the locally owned stores, and you’ll support the local economy, too. There are several arts and crafts stores, clothing shops, children’s stores, and technology shops to choose from. Some are locally owned and some are national franchises run by local families.

If you need something to do, local businesses can provide that, too. Between dance studios, yoga studios, art studios, and spas, there’s never a dull moment downtown. There are businesses to entertain you, teach you, and pamper you. All of these small businesses in New Rochelle are there to serve you as the customer. You can find lots of different services and tings to do in the downtown area if you just start wandering around.


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