New Rochelle Long Island

Long Island, New York, a short ride from New Rochelle.
A Long Island Getaway

Lounging around in New Rochelle can be fun, but why not try a day trip to Long Island? If you can, take a whole weekend to enjoy Long Island. If not, though, pack up your beach gear and head out ready for a good time all in one day.

There are many different things to do on Long Island day trips. What you choose will depend largely on your own personal preferences. Would you like a day of natural beach settings and big Atlantic waves? Would you prefer to tour some of the ritziest mansions in the country? Do you like music and noise and activity? There’s something for everyone in Long Island, but if you’re only staying for a day, you’ll definitely have to choose!

Of course, if you’re going on day trips to Long Island, you’ve definitely got to stop somewhere and have some seafood to eat washed down with, of course, a Long Island Iced Tea. Every restaurant is going to make things differently, so check with the locals about what you can expect from one place to the next.

Just walking through The Hamptons can be fun if you’re into big houses and high fashion. This area of town is busiest in the summer when all the upscale summer homes are full of celebrities and their guests hanging out on the beach in the summer sun.

There are also many natural areas in Long Island that are fun to visit for the day. Pack up the kids, a cooler, and some beach towels and head to one of the area’s secluded beaches. Not sure which option is best? Ask a local! Locals tend to know everything about the beaches, including which ones have the best sun for laying out and which ones have great shallow areas where the kids can play.


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