New Rochelle New York City

You can make to New York City from New Rochelle in a short train ride.
One Day in New York City

If you’re hanging out in New Rochelle and only have one day to hit up the Big Apple, New York City, how are you going to spend it? There are so many things you can do in NYC that it seems impossible to whittle them all down to one single day. Well, you can plan your day however you want, but here are just a few suggestions of the top things to do while you’re in New York.

New York City trips should definitely include a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum has it all, from practically ancient pieces to hip, modern pieces of art and sculpture. The Met is too big to see all in one day, though. Look at the map when you go in, and spend some time really soaking in the sections that interest you most.

Of course, you also shouldn’t miss Chinatown, one of the most fun and interesting spots in the city. Spend an afternoon or evening there, and pick up some authentic Chinese cuisine while you’re at it. Be sure to take your wallet with you here because you’ll totally want to pick up some interesting souvenirs from this area of town.

The best way to end day trips to New York City is by checking out a Broadway show. Get your tickets early, and you’ll be able to pick from several shows that are on at any given time. Dress up for dinner before the show, and head out for a night cap afterwards. You might even want to go to the top of the Empire State Building at night before you end your one day trip to New York City and head back to New Rochelle on the train from Grand Central Station.


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