New Rochelle Shopping

Head downtown to shop in New Rochelle, New York.
Find all of your shopping needs in New Rochelle

If you enjoy a good shopping trip, you are going to love the downtown area in New Rochelle. The Business Improvement District is packed with locally-owned and operated stores with everything you could ever need for your home, your person, or your entertainment. In fact, New Rochelle doesn’t have a ton of mall type stores that are national chains. The city likes to focus on local entrepreneurship, and most of the locals are happy to support other local businesses by shopping there.

You’ll find lots of unique downtown shops where you can buy great souvenirs from New Rochelle. These aren’t just cheesy souvenir shops, though. Many of them feature handmade items from local artisans, as well as natural items from the area that have been made into useful objects. If you’re looking for something to take home from your New Rochelle vacation, there are plenty of shops to oblige you right on the main strip.

Clothes shops in New Rochelle are also abundant. You’ll find everything from eclectic mixes of retro clothes to high end clothes straight from the runways of New York. New Rochelle shopping also offers many children’s clothing stores so that you can send your little ones to school and summer camp in style.

For the foodie in all of us, there are lots of New Rochelle food stores to choose from, as well. Many of these small grocery stores have a very narrow focus, which means you can get some unusual items there. You’ll find stores just for wine and stores just for gourmet foods. After you’re inspired by some of the local restaurant cuisine, try New Rochelle shopping at some of the local grocery stores to create some gourmet fixings of your own. The stores maintain and endless variety of produce, spices, meats, and everything else you might need.


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