New Rochelle Transportation

Commuters take the train to New York City.
Traveling New Rochelle By Train

One of the most popular ways to get around New Rochelle is through the train system. The town has a train track that’s serviced by Amtrak and Metro North. You can get into New Rochelle through the train station from all across the country on an Amtrak ride. You can also use Metro North to get back and forth from Grand Central Station in New York City.

The Metro North system is actually one of the most popular ways to get into New York City. Most businesspeople who work in the city use this form of New Rochelle transportation to get around. It’s a whole lot easier than trying to deal with New York traffic or park your car in a New York minute!

If you’re headed to New Rochelle through the Metro North system, you’ll want to look for the New Haven Line. This is the one that runs in the direction of New Rochelle, and it continues on to some of the other smaller cities lying outside of New York City. This line is more of an area line, but you can use it to get to some of the attractions around New Rochelle. Once you’re at the train station in town, you can ride a bus, call a taxi, or walk to the location you’re going.

The Amtrak system that runs through New Rochelle is the Northeast Regional System. It also runs through major cities like Boston and Washington, DC. If you like the idea of riding on a train, you can actually get to New Rochelle by Amtrak from just about any major city in the country. Many times you’ll have to switch trains, but you can sometimes only switch once or twice, even if you’re traveling all the way from California!


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