New Rochelle West Point

West Point is a short drive from New Rochelle.
West Point is a Trip in History

One of the best day trips to take if you’re living or staying in New Rochelle is to head to West Point for the day. The famous military academy stands in the Hudson River Valley among some beautiful scenery. If you’ve ever served in the military or know someone who has, West Point will definitely be of interest to you. In fact, the academy is interesting for everyone who likes American history, as it has the most extensive military history museum on the continent.

When you get to West Point, go first to the Visitors’ Center. There, you can meet with a tour guide. Getting a tour of this academy is definitely an essential part of West Point day trips. You can get tours pretty much any day, as long as there isn’t a home football game or it isn’t a holiday. Your tour guide will take you through the entire academy, acquainting you with its history and points of most interest as you go along.

The United States Military Museum is a must-see on West Point day trips. It literally has the most military memorabilia of any place on the Western Hemisphere! That’s saying a lot, too. If you get ready for a meal while you’re there, check out the historic Hotel Thayer. The old hotel will serve a meal in grand style and for an affordable price, and it’s got great food, too.

In all, the trip to West Point takes about two hours. If you leave yourself about four hours for a tour, a museum viewing, and a meal, you can be back within about eight hours. This is really a great day trip to take any time you’re on a new York vacation, for sure.


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