Event Details

Who We Are:

We are a coding study group, based out of the Bronx, learning how to code using the open source, coding curriculum found at FreeCodeCamp.

Check out our study group page on Facebook at: Bronx freeCodeCamp Study Group.

**All updates regarding meet-up events are announced on our Facebook page.

The Event Details:

This is a FREE event for local developers, programmers and coders in the Bronx area. You don't have to be a Bronx resident to attend. We welcome all campers (students of freeCodeCamp) from all areas. Just drop on by!

Beginners and experienced coders are welcomed.

We hang out, talk code, share resources, drink coffee and help each other learn. Our group consists of both beginners and even experienced developers, so don't feel shy.

Come join us and share your projects or get help with learning code. We're all learning together!

Where We Meet:

Our regular meeting location is at The Mall at Bay Plaza, more specifically, at the Food Court, located on the third floor of the indoor mall.

*We usually sit under the TVs or next to them. Just look for the group of people with laptops sitting together. We'll try to have a freeCodeCamp sign out on the table.

The location has great WiFi and plenty of choices for food and coffee.

Come in and join us! Share projects you're working on or get help with learning code.

Please RSVP if you would like to join us for our next meet-up.