New Rochelle The Home Town

The 'Home Town' of New Rochelle, New York.
Why New Rochelle is The Home Town

New Rochelle, New York is often nicknamed “The Home Town.” This is because it really is a town full of homes. As one of the largest cities in New York state, you’d think that New Rochelle would be packed with apartment complexes, condos, and other types of shared housing. This is definitely not the case, though. In fact, New Rochelle has more single family dwellings than many of the surrounding areas combined.

The downtown area of New Rochelle is a typical downtown that includes shopping complexes, condos, apartments, college campuses, and retirement homes. However, around this downtown area sprawls literally hundreds of neighborhoods. Lots of children grow up in these single family dwellings calling New Rochelle their Home Town!

Right now, there are more the 11,500 single family homes in New Rochelle, and there are over 26,000 separate family units living in the town. This is a huge number! This town is definitely made with families in mind, if for no other reason than the sheer number of them that exist within the town.

In New Rochelle’s numerous suburban neighborhoods, you’ll find some of the nation’s nicest and most expensive real estate. Some people are really willing to pay for the privilege of living in this beautiful town. The average income in New Rochelle is almost $200,000 a year, and the average home price is about $700,000. Some of the homes you’ll find in suburbia here are beautiful and unique, though, and residents wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

New Rochelle caters to its many families with lots of family-friendly activities, including lots of parks and civic events. It’s also got great public schools that attract many families to the area. Although many individuals who live here commute to New York to work, they wouldn’t want to call anywhere but New Rochelle their Home Town.


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