New Rochelle Community

The Vibrant Community of New Rochelle

The New Rochelle, New York community has recently been named by Money Magazine as one of the top one hundred places to live in the United States. This beautiful suburban area places residents just a half an hour from Grand Central Station in New York City. In the New Rochelle community, you can get all the diversity and cultural interest of New York combined with the peaceful nature of a suburban area and gorgeous views of the Long Island Sound.

The New Rochelle community has long been known for its cultural and religious diversity. You can find people from tons of different backgrounds here, and there are churches, mosques, and temples of all sorts in New Rochelle. We respect one another and revel in the uniqueness of our little town.

This community also has some economic diversity. Many of the people who live here are upper-class businessmen and businesswomen who commute into the city to work each day and want to come home to something quieter and more peaceful. New Rochelle is a family community, though, and you’ll find that it’s as economically diverse as it is culturally diverse.

The nearness to the Big Apple and the amount of diversity in New Rochelle means that the town is known for having a great fine arts scene. On any given weekend, you can find lots of things to see and do through the town and organizations associated with it. The town holds all sorts of exhibits and film viewings each weekend, and all the residents enjoy getting together and enjoying their diversity.

There is also a lot of natural diversity in New Rochelle. The sound makes a great place for families to enjoy the summer weather, and there are plenty of outdoor things to do in this community.