A brief guide about the Rochelle Park neighborhood real estate market in New Rochelle.

Located just outside of New York City, the city of New Rochelle is filled with history, beauty and charm. A popular residence of commuters to the Big Apple, New Rochelle real estate offers a wide array of great shopsrestaurantsparksschools and amenities that residents can take advantage of. New Rochelle is also home to many beautiful and historic neighborhoods as well. One of the best neighborhoods in the city is Rochelle Park. Known for its historic charm and gorgeous houses, Rochelle Park is one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Together with the neighboring Rochelle Heights district, Rochelle Park is part of the Rochelle Park-Rochelle Heights Historic District, recognized by the Federal government on the National Register of Historic Places. As such, the neighborhood plays host to many beautiful, historic buildings and boasts some of the finest examples of Victorian and Colonial Revival architecture in the United States. With its leafy streets and single-family homes, the neighborhood exudes a quiet, suburban character despite being just minutes from the nation’s largest city. Its houses and apartments are renowned for their beauty and strong real estate values.

Rochelle Park is a master-planned community, incorporating open spaces, public areas and wide streets into its design. It boasts phenomenal views of Long Island Sound and an abundance of green space. Flowers Park, The Lawn and Mazzella Field are all recreational and leisure spaces within the neighborhood. Rochelle Park real estate is also known for its miniscule crime rate, close access to public transportation, charming ambience and wealth of beautiful houses and apartments.

The city of New Rochelle offers a bevy of great neighborhoods to live in. But Rochelle Park, with its historic character and quiet charm, is among the city’s best. Those looking to relocate to New Rochelle should definitely give this neighborhood a good look. Its blend of charm and historic ambience is very hard to beat.

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