College of New Rochelle

Residents of New Rochelle, NY are fortunately to have a number of colleges to choose from. Here are a few of the colleges in New Rochelle to choose from:

Iona College is a higher education that was originally founded as a Catholic college in 1940. The main campus is in New Rochelle, but the school also has a satellite campus in Rockland. The school offers degrees in business and arts and sciences, including Masters-level programs.

The College of New Rochelle is also a Catholic-based institution. The college specializes in providing religious, liberal arts and sciences educations to aspiring students. The college of New Rochelle was the first Catholic college built for women in the state of New York.

-Founded in 1933, Monroe College is focused on providing a practical education to students of business and technology, as well as criminal justice, hospitality management and medical fields of study. Monroe has two campus in the Bronx, including one in New Rochelle.

colleges in New Rochelle have more than 12,000 students enrolled on average and approximately 2,200 dorm rooms available. That means the residents of New Rochelle can expect to find a hefty number of college students vying for apartments space. This large population of college students also affects the type of commercial services prominent in the area. Expect to find a number of affordable eating establishments, bars and young adult retail shops to share real estate with more family-oriented retailers.

colleges in New Rochelle means graduating high school seniors do not have to travel far to get the college education they so richly deserve.

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