Good eats in New Rochelle

Dining out in New Rochelle, NY is always a pleasure. One of the best parts about this town is its cultural diversity. That diversity shows up nowhere as much as it shows up in the restaurants that are available in the downtown area. You can get everything from Japanese to Mediterranean to Asian to Indian to American cuisine all within the range of a few blocks. The great part about this town is that all the restaurants are amazing, and many of them are locally owned. Here are just a few restaurants you can expect to find in the downtown area of New Rochelle.

Posto 22 is one of the classic New Rochelle restaurants. It specializes in Italian cuisine and makes a great romantic night out. The Bella Bella Restaurant is another Italian classic. Try them both to see which one you like best.

What would a New York town be without a bagel shop? New York is famous for its crusty, chewy boiled bagels, so you’ve got to stop and try one if you’re in New Rochelle for a visit. One of the best places to go is Sammy’s Bagels, a breakfast and bagel shop that boasts some of the best bagels in town.

For more interesting ethnic cuisine, try the Jani Chinese and Japanese Restaurant or pick up some Caribbean cuisine at the Golden Crust. Rangoli is a popular Indian restaurant where you can enjoy all the spice and vigor of an Indian meal right in downtown New Rochelle. Of course, new Rochelle would hardly be an American city without plenty of Mexican restaurant choices as well as some pizza joints, and it’s got both for residents and visitors. In fact, residents have trouble deciding which New Rochelle restaurants of these types are best!

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