Sound Legal Advice for Upstate NY Speeding Tickets

Every State has laws that maintain that everyone is protected by equal rights in the view of justice. So, even if you are charged with an offense, you are not found guilty unless judged by a court of peers, which even that will undergo a thorough and extensive evaluation. The same is true with speeding tickets. You can beat a speeding ticket by knowing your rights which can guarantee you having the best chances of getting the case dismissed.

Starting with the officer flagging down your car, you do have the right to limit your answers with a polite "no, officer" and "yes officer." Also known as the Miranda Rights, it is advised to not admit guilt or answer questions that can lead to self-incrimination, especially if a lawyer is not present. though you should always be cooperative enough and provide basic details such as your name and providing your driver's license. Be clear that this is a requirement and is not included in your rights of silence.

The best advice a lawyer can give you for beating a speeding ticket, is to do it in a civil manner That is always guaranteed to get the best results. Having chip on your shoulder or insulting the officer can usually result in additional charges, especially if it happens while you are in court. Always show respect and courtesy, which is also expected from all parties involved. Also, the road is not the best place to try to argue out your side, in most cases it can end up with results that aren't in your favor.

Your innocence is always protected and maintained throughout the entire process, so do not be scared of courts. You are not judged guilty unless there is sufficient evidence, provided by the officer, whose obligation is to present the proof of a violation, all you have to do is defend yourself and show that the charges are not valid. The court does give equal chances to both parties, and the best way to maintain your "not guilty" plea is to remember the facts leading up to and including the incident. giving vague answers will definitely not help you beat a speeding ticket, if anything it will most likely result in a conviction.

A traffic ticket attorney can always be summoned, if needed, or you can represent yourself for any minor charges. The court will usually grant relevant requests for any documentation such as the statement from the officer regarding their version of the events, and also the make and model of your car according to their memory. If you can show that you have more credible answers closer to the event, then you stand a  greater chance to beat the speeding ticket. You also retain the right to have a speedy trial as the court does recognize the constraint that is faced in work and personal life to attend to court proceedings. Also, you can point out any lack of evidence or delay the trial in case that the officer-in-charge fails to appear in the court proceeding.

Just remember, you do have rights and the only time you lose is if yours don’t use them.

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